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FREE contact details of buyers, importers & suppliers

More than 1500 buyers & suppliers companies have used our paid services. They are interested in contacting reliable suppliers & buyers for the various product they  buy as raw material , resell or manufacture to sell. You can view buyer requirements, supplier contact details or offers  posted by them   If your company is dealing in these products, we will send you contact details  of relevant companies free of cost , after we receive your company profile. Please send us your request for any additional details by email. We will revert to you within 48 hours.

Buyer, distributor & agent lists

We can provide contact details of dealers, distributors & buyers for your products, from specific countries / regions compiled from past enquiries received by us. We will provide the company name, address, tel. no., fax no., email address & name of contact person. Unlike most other B2B /Import  export website, we correspond regularly with the buyers to find out if there is a change in their contact details or product requirements .  Please send us your product details & the region of interest, so that we can send you our best offer.  For buyer, distributor & agent lists as well as supplier lists compiled by us  click here  for details

A variety of  payment options  are available 


We  regularly receive enquiries from buyers worldwide - either manufacturers  looking for raw material or  traders seeking new suppliers .  In addition to the contact details & company profile of the buyer, the enquiry will include detailed product specifications, quantity required &, payment terms  so that  you  can finalise orders faster. A summary of  more than 12000 buyer enquiries received recently is available at  our associate website .We send these enquiries to all subscribers in a particular category.  Company profile & details of subscribers are also featured on our website. View subscriber details  


Please contact by email  for our account details or for payment by Western Union/Bank Transfer/Draft . More on payment options

 Search Services

In case our subscriber database does not have a supplier of your requirement, we can arrange for details of alternate suppliers. For any product category  we will send your requirement to 50 - 300 suppliers listed with us and forward all the offers received to you. Our  search fee varies from USD 14/ Indian Rs 500  to  USD 55/Indian Rs 2400 for standard products. We do not charge a commission from suppliers, so that you  get the best price.  Please send your detailed requirement by email.

Please contact by email  for our account details or for payment by Western Union/Bank Transfer/Draft . More on payment options

Terms & conditions

The information required by you will be sent by email only on payment of our charges. We do not provide  trial subscription since our charges are very nominal . We do not give refunds, after information is sent. However, if  any email address is invalid and the error message is sent to us , we will provide additional email addresses free. 

In no event shall we be liable for any direct, indirect, or  any damages whatsoever,  arising out of or in connection with the use, inability to use, or performance of the information, services, products, and materials available from us. 

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