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Mushrooms                                                                                    Updated : 24-Jun-2004          Product prices
Based on feedback from suppliers , we have listed prices of  mushrooms available. We list companies free, so please send your price offer by email . We update price offers regularly . To  request more information on companies featured here, please send an email or use the Contact form

Mushrooms :
Oyster dry - 350 RS to 1000RS per KG
Genoderma Mushrooms 3000RS per KG
Supplier : H.M.Dave

We are presently growing Milky White Button Mushrooms(Calocybe Indica).General Description:It is a tropical species which until recently was collected and consumed from the forests of West-Bengal.The fruit bodies have very attractive white colour,with Pileus and a thick Stalk.Both Pileus(Cap)and Stalk(stem)are edible.This Mushrooms has a better shelf life as compared to Oyster and Button Mushrooms and there is absolutely no browning on storage.It has excellent shelf life(20 days in refrigirator in 100 guage PP bags with 8-16 holes of 4 mm diametre distributed on either side.)Our local market price is Rs.80/- Per Kg. Our price for bulk purchasers is Rs.50/-per Kg.+ Rs.10/- for Packing and forwarding.We require a period of 60 days for bulk supply.

Products: 1. Oyster mushroom,2. Button Mushroom
Payment Terms : DD in advance
Price Range : Rs. 250 to 500 per kg ofr Oyster,Rs. 200 to 700 per kg for Button Mushroom
We are looking for rates of dry oyster mushrooms above Rs 500 a kg P & F extra-, But We supply button mushroom through out the year
Supplier : Veena puranik/ Daizy Jhone

We are looking for rates of dry oyster mushrooms above Rs 400 a kg P & P extra- locally we get that much or Rs 60-80 a kg for fresh mushrooms. We can expand capacity at any time.
Supplier : sunil kaul , the Ant

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