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Based on our customers requirements, we have compiled  importer, buyer, distributor, dealer, manufacturer, supplier lists with contact details from the buyer enquiries and supplier offers received by us.  The contact details include email address, phone  no., fax no., postal address, name of contact person and  product specifications. Since our customized lists are prepared specifically according to your requirement , we offer the best rates. We cover a wide range of products and regions, we have summarized, some of our customer requirements below. Free sample buyer lists (with email address) from USA, Canada, Europe, Japan and other countries are available on filling our supplier registration form

For more details please specify the product/region and contact us through  email or by  filling our registration form  

You call also use the Contact form 

Code   -             Description           -                     Region 

L0001 - Agents & distributors of consumer durables - India
L0002 - Agents & distributors of electronic products - India .
L0003 - Agents & distributors of FMCG products - India
L0004 - Agents & distributors of industrial products - India
L0005 - Buyers of ayurvedic raw material - India
L0006 - Distributors of computer stationery, pharma. products - France,Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium,UK
L0007 - Importers & agents for Kraft paper - Nepal, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka
L0008 - Importers & agents of water treatment systems - Dubai, South Asian countries
L0009 - Importers & agents of weaving machinery spares - All countries
L0010 - Importers & buyers of casein - All countries
L0011 - Importers & buyers of rough gemstones - All countries
L0012 - Importers & distributors of animal feed - Ghana - 20
L0013 - Importers & distributors of mobile phones - All countries
L0014 - Importers of Cosmetics - All countries
L0015 - Importers of leather products - All countries
L0016 - Importers of pharmaceutical products - All countries
L0017 - Importers of Tea - All countries
L0018 - Importers of bamboo, jigat powder - All countries
L0019 - Importers of bone meal, tallow - All countries
L0020 - Importers of bulk drugs - Myanmar, Indonesia
L0021 - Importers of cashews - All countries
L0022 - Importers of chemicals - All countries
L0023 - Importers of CNG tanks - All countries
L0024 - Importers of coirpith - All countries
L0025 - Importers of cosmetics - All countries
L0026 - Importers of dehydrated onion - All countries
L0027 - Importers of essential oils - All countries
L0028 - Importers of fish - All countries
L0029 - Importers of flowers - Malaysia, Singapore
L0030 - Importers of gelatin capsules - All countries
L0031 - Importers of herbal extracts - All countries
L0032 - Importers of herbal soaps - All countries
L0033 - Importers of imitation jewellery - All countries
L0034 - Importers of medical & surgical products - All countries
L0035 - Importers of mosquito nets - All countries
L0036 - Importers of mouth fresheners - All countries
L0037 - Importers of omasum - All countries
L0038 - Importers of paper & cotton bags - All countries
L0039 - Importers of plastic parts & components - All countries
L0040 - Importers of rugs, carpets - All countries
L0041 - Importers, buyers & suppliers of CD-R - All countries
L0042 - Importers/buyers of copper wire - All countries
L0043 - Importers/buyers of granite - All countries
L0044 - Manufacturers & suppliers of ferroalloys
L0045 - Manufacturers & suppliers of tinplate
L0046 - Manufacturers/ suppliers of steel coils & billets - All countries
L0047 - Suppliers of raw cashew nuts - All countries

Payment & Delivery       Guidelines    Internet  marketing tools    Terms & conditions 

Payment       More on payment options
1. Indian customers can pay by Draft/Mumbai cheque/online bank transfer/MO. Please contact by email  for details
2. We also accept online payment/cash through Western Union /bank transfer/draft  . Contact us by email for details. You can alternately request for information through our  feedback form   
1. The lists will be sent by email. We request the recipient to provide atleast 1 alternate email address.
2. If a printed copy is required, please add Rs 100 for delivery within India, Rs 300/US$8 for delivery outside India

Guidelines for using lists      More on internet marketing
1. Please send a short introductory letter by email about your company & product after receiving the list
2. Please type the correct email address exactly as provided by the us. Every email address is unique and change of even a single character will result in the email going to the wrong address or bouncing back.
2. Do not send attachments/ pictures initially
3. In case you do not receive a response, send a reminder letter after a week to check if your letter has reached the recipient
4. Avoid sending letters on holidays for the particular region. If the recipient has a lot of mails , he/she may not pay much attention to your mail or the mailbox may be full. For example, for recipients in Europe & America send mails on Tuesday to Thursday
5. Keep the recipient informed about changes in your email address. You may not get a reply immediately, but the recipient could need information about your product after a year! 
6. To protect against fraud we recommend that you request buyers to pay for samples.
7.It is advisable to provide at least 1 or 2 alternate address. Based on our experience, most email servers are not 100% reliable due to software problems, viruses, hackers, etc.
If an alternate email is provided, you can get at least 1 copy of the email. 
8. If you have any other suggestions/ feedback about using email for business correspondence we will be happy to hear from you. Email  us  or  fill our  feedback form

Terms & conditions

The information required by you will be sent by email only on payment of our charges.  We do not give refunds, after information is sent. However, if  any email address is invalid and the error message is sent to us , we will provide additional email addresses free. Please note that a subscriber will only receive new enquiries from the date of subscription. 

In no event shall we be liable for any direct, indirect, or  any damages whatsoever,  arising out of or in connection with the use, inability to use, or performance of the information, services, products, and materials available from us. 

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