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Jiali Industry Group Co., Ltd.
is located in Luqiao District of Taizhou city China.
The electric products is the leading products of the company. It includes engine generator and pump.

Klapan LTD
9000 Varna ; Zimerman str. 9
Present activities: Sale of Turbo-generators ; Steam turbines ; Spare parts for Steam turbine K-210 and Generator TBB-200-2 ; Boilers BKZ-75 and BKZ-220 ; Diesel-generators ; Water Pumps ; Bridge Cranes of lifting capacity up to 200 t ; Pipes

Doneria Engineering Company Limited
10/4 Hathras Road Agra 282006
1.Diesel Engines,2.Centrifugal Water Pumps (Agriculture machinery),3.Diesel Generators,4.Diesel Welder Generators,5.CNG Run Generators


Diesel Generating sets from 5 KVA to 2000 KKVA also manufacture silent Diesel generating sets of above ratings.

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