CD-R & optical media                                                                    Updated : 27-Nov-2004          Product prices
Based on feedback from suppliers , we have listed prices of  USB devices available. We list companies free, so please send your price offer by email . We update price offers regularly . To  request more information on companies featured here, please send an email or use the Contact form                                                                                 Feedback form

Prices for Unbranded discs are given below.
LG Unbranded Silver/Green - Rs.7.50/pc
T-Series Unbranded Silver/Green - Rs.7.25/pc
Imation Unbranded Silver/Green - Rs.7.00/pc
Moser Baer Unbranded Silver/Green - Rs.7.50/pc
Supplier : Dharmalingam.S

Product specifications: Silver Silver, 52x/48x/ Multispeed, 700 MB/80Min, price from US$ 0.07 per CD-R
Supplier: Dex

We have the following items available for immediate shipment:
240M CDR for 7.4 cents FOB TAIWAN
Grade A CDR unbranded silver: silver 700mb/80 min
Supplier : Shiloh Worldwide Trading

Retail prices in India (Mumbai ) vary from Rs 9  - Rs 15 per piece, depending on brand and quality . You can also check  the prices of  CDs  listed at auction sites

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