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 In any business, a lot of time & effort is spent searching for information. Today though the internet contains millions of websites, only a few contain correct data relevant to your business. To find this data, an internet user spends a lot of time & effort searching the web. Email is the most cost effective way of communication , but unfortunately email addresses of companies change often. You can save your time by using NK Infobase : an updated database of more than 60000 manufacturers, buyers, marketing agents & service providers of all products. Our database is compiled from various sources : trade magazines, yellow pages & the internet. Only companies who forward their details to us are listed in our database free . We have one of the largest databases in India of Asian, South American & African companies with email address & websites. More than 120 companies are added to our database daily. Our paid services are used by over 1500 companies from 27 countries worldwide to increase their sales or find cost effective suppliers . Our satisfied customers have been using our database repeatedly. Please check our list of recent customers for more details. Buyer enquiries are listed at www.nkinfobase.com  and supplier offers at www.seeksuppliers.com 

Paid services are: live enquiries (with drawings/photos) for subscribers, contact details of buyers, importers, dealers , distributors worldwide for most products. Arranging for quotations for hard to find products, contact details of manufacturers & suppliers.

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