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Questions regarding money transfer, SWIFT transfer, foreign currency remittances



Subject: Wire Transfer Question
Asked by : JM

I came acrossed your information on the internet regarding wire transfers. Currently I'm in the process of having a transfer sent to me, however I am confused the sending bank has told me they have already sent my funds, they did give me a copy of a SWIFT message ( Obviously doesn't make sense to me ) however my problem is the sending bank has told me, before I can receive my funds to my account I must present a pin/code number to my bank in order to receive my funds, have you ever
heard of this? because my bank seems a lil confused.
Answer :

The SWIFT message has a unique Money Transfer number for tracking the transaction, which your bank
must be asking for. Often,  the recipients name and account number are not clear in SWIFT message, so the bank may track the transfer and credit your account after receiving the money transfer number from you.



Subject: sending money from India to Mauritius

Hi this is Rishi I just wanted to know whether a person can send money from India to Mauritius, and if so, what is the maximum limit and how many times in a calendar year is it possible and also what procedures are to be followed by the sender and also what documents does the sender have to submit.
A person can send money  from India to Mauritius as per the guidelines  specified by the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) . Please check the website of  RBI ,  for updated information


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